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Oscar Shumsky

Oscar Shumsky (March 23, 1917 in Philadelphia – July 24, 2000 in Rye, New York) was an American violinist and conductor. Many fellow violinists consider him to be one of the great violinists of the century; David Oistrakh called him "one of the world's greatest violinists" and the New Grove dictionary says of him: 'He was a player of virtuoso technique, pure style and refined taste; yet never sought recognition as a soloist, preferring to concentrate on teaching, chamber music playing and conducting.' More Info...

Eric Shumsky

Eric Shumsky's performances on both sides of the Atlantic have garnered him a large and enthusiastic following among both his audiences and his peers. The Seattle Weekly had this to say about a recent concert: "The rose petal lilt of the music bloomed under the precise but seemingly effortless bowing. The sound from Shumsky was stunning. The applause, when it came, was thunderous."
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